Only last week, Lucid Motors started serial production of the Air Dream Edition at its plant in Casa Grande, Arizona, and it is already thinking of the second model, the Gravity crossover.

To be made at the same factory near Phoenix, the Lucid Gravity is expected to be introduced in late 2023. But if you expected it to be off-road-focused like the Rivian R1S, Lucid has bad news for you.

The electric vehicle startup’s chief designer, Derek Jenkins, tells Automotive News that the Lucid Gravity will target urban and suburban drivers rather than hardcore off-roaders. 

"The character of the [crossover] will still have a strength and a robustness. It'll still have the ability to have a respectable ground clearance if needed. But we're not making a rock-crawler here.”

Derek Jenkins, Lucid's senior vice president of design and brand

Gallery: Patent Images of Lucid Gravity SUV

That said, the Lucid Gravity promises to be a competitive crossover, seeing as it will share the platform with the Air luxury sedan. Jenkins, who previously worked as a design director for Mazda North America Operations and chief designer for Volkswagen in North America, says the Gravity will also share several styling cues with the Air.

“Of course, it's not a one-for-one translation. There’s an evolution there. The Air is low and sleek. The Gravity will have some of that character, but it's clearly got an SUV stature to it.”

As any respectable SUV of this size and segment, the Lucid Gravity will have room for up to seven passengers and standard all-wheel drive. As with the Lucid Air Dream Edition, the Gravity is expected to offer a dual-motor powertrain that should give it all the performance a luxury SUV would need.

In the Air Dream Edition, the said powertrain boasts up to 1,111 horsepower (in the Performance model), enabling a zero to 60 mph time of 2.5 seconds. The range is an industry-best 520 miles (836 km) on the Air Dream Edition Range.

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