Not long ago, we told you that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was already commenting about the upcoming Q3 2021 end-of-quarter delivery surge. His exact words via a leaked email were, "this is the craziest month of deliveries Tesla will ever have.” 

To take things a step further, Musk also told employees in September:

"The end of quarter delivery wave is unusually high this time, as we suffered (like the whole industry) from extremely severe parts shortages earlier this quarter."

The outspoken CEO went on to share that many cars had missing parts that needed to be added later, and that the quarter would be the largest wave in Tesla's history.

As it turns out, Musk reportedly continues to send such emails to his team across the globe. A newly leaked email obtained by Electrek has the same context. However, this time, Musk refers to the final delivery week of the quarter rather than the month as a whole. And, interestingly, the week in question is now upon us. If the CEO is right, this week will mark the “most intense delivery week ever” for Tesla employees.

Musk went on to thank the team for the previously requested "hardcore delivery push," which it seems has only just begun. This all comes as no surprise since Tesla has been having these crazy end-of-quarter pushes for some time. The automaker doesn't rely on dealerships, so it has to deliver all of its cars itself. As the end of each quarter nears, the intensity rises. Moreover, the closer the quarter is to the end of the year has a big impact as well.

We can only hope that Q4 2021 is the last time Tesla employees have to deal with the nightmare. While it's likely very rewarding to be a part of it all, we can only imagine it's also thoroughly exhausting. There's no doubt two new factories should help the situation, but it's hard to forecast how it will all play out going forward.

Musk did say in the email that delivery pushes should become less ridiculous in the future, and he even said next quarter should be "a lot easier."

How many cars do you think Tesla will deliver in Q3 2021? Leave us your forecast in the comment section below.

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