Porsche is developing another electric sports car, and according to a Car and Driver report, it will bear the 718 nameplate. As for the 911, Porsche has no plans to make it electric or hybrid. That model will burn gas well into the 2030s. 

The 718 will still be offered in the soft-top Boxter and hard-top Cayman models. Styling will be similar to the current model but will feature the brand’s new “electric front” design. The Mission R concept likely gives us a clue at what the electric 718 could look like (much more toned down of course).

Porsche claims it will keep the weight of the electric 718 low, to just 3,650 pounds. That puts it almost even with the lightest Model 3, the Standard Range Plus. This is good because the top models of the Taycan surpass 5,000 pounds.

The electric 718 will be underpinned by a newly developed platform made for sports cars. It’s not just a shortened version of the brand’s PPE platform, it’s also more advanced featuring additional lightweight technology. 

The Car and Driver report states:

"This will be the most modern Porsche."

Entry-level models will have a single rear motor and will be priced in the area of the current 718. Range-topping versions will sport dual motors, giving all-wheel drive traction to a 718 for the first time ever. As for the sports car’s driving range, Porsche is aiming for at least 250 miles.

The report doesn’t specify exact power figures, but top versions of the electric sports car “will reach well into 911 territory.” Due to the many 911 models, horsepower ranges from 379 hp in the base 911 Carrera to 640 hp in the 911 Turbo S. That, along with its lightweight and instant power, will make this little sports car undoubtedly fast.

Expect to see the electric 718 Boxster and Cayman launched in 2024.

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