Here is an interesting report from the field in Norway, where Bjørn Nyland visits the Shell Nebbenes Vest fuel station to find out its electrifying transformation.

It's actually one of the two Shell stations (the second is Shell Klett) that recently were upgraded with Kempower S-Series fast chargers, operated by Recharge network (one of the largest in the Nordics).

As we can see, Shell not only installs multiple charging stalls on the side of the station, but literally replaced some fuel pumps with the charging stalls under the roof. This is what's happening in the market where BEV sales exceed 70% share.

Kempower S-Series fast chargers at Shell station in Norway
Kempower S-Series fast chargers at Shell station in Norway

It's great to see that fast chargers are already getting some of the prime spots at fuel stations. That increases convenience as those stalls are roofed and closer to the shop.

Moreover, the fast chargers are getting better and better. The video includes a presentation of the Kempower S-Series charging system that has modular chargers (power electronics) combined with multiple satellite charging posts (up to 8 double satellite charging posts) with the dynamic power distribution (from 40 to 480 kW per post and up to 1,000 V).

The Kempower charging stalls are pretty awesome as they have 7” touch screen, which not only displays the power output and state of charge, but also have a QR code that can be scanned to see all the stats on the smartphone. The user can then go to the shop and still have access to all the info, including a chart of the entire charging session. Another good thing is the relatively long cable.

We must agree with Bjørn Nyland (who is sponsored by Kempower) that this type of charger is pretty nice, and that many other manufacturers rest on their laurels, while there are still things to make the charging experience better.

See Kempower S-series charging system pdf here.

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