It's now official, Volkswagen boss Ralf Brandstätter has confirmed that the VW ID.X hot hatch will come to market after this year. Based on the concept, which will now move forward to production form, the ID.X all-electric hatchback will crank out 329 bhp and come standard with four-wheel drive. Moreover, according to a report from Autocar, the hot hatch will have a dedicated Drift Mode and a 5.3-second zero-to-60-mph time.

Brandstätter reportedly made the announcement during a speech at the Munich motor show. He had already revealed the concept on LinkedIn, though VW said it didn't plan to actually sell the car. Now, he says it's coming to market, likely badged as the ID.3 GTX. The hot hatch, based on the current VW ID.3 electric hatchback, will be the second model in the VW GTX performance family.

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While Brandstätter didn't provide many details about the ID.X's performance, he did say that “more performance means less range." However, he also added that there will be multiple battery pack options available, which follow suit with the current ID.3.

VW is also producing a concept version of the ID.3 as a convertible, which was previously shared in 2020. Brandstätter went on to say that we can also expect something from the automaker's "R" division. He suggested that the R division of the future may be a VW sub-brand that's dedicated to electric cars. Volkswagen is already developing an R-badged ID.3, which will be its first EV, though it isn't expected to come to market until 2024.

The ID.X will reportedly share many components with the ID.4 GTX. However, the current ID.3 is rear-wheel-drive only. Autocar reports that it was previously assumed the ID.4 GTX's four-wheel-drive system may not be able to be used in the upcoming ID.X, though the brand could be making adjustments to make it work.

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