After a few days ago Elon Musk announced that the public debut of Full Self-Driving Beta was just weeks away, now the Tesla CEO has tweeted the exact time and date when Version 10 Beta will be made available to beta testers. Musk has now officially set the date for next Friday and he expects that about two weeks after that (around September 25), an updated version, Beta 10.1 is expected to be good enough for public rollout.


So after being postponed several times and many months, it looks like all Tesla owners whose vehicles have the right hardware will be able to experience FSD. The software and the neural network behind it have been improved a lot recently and Tesla opted to eliminate the need for anything other than cameras with Version 9 of the system, what the manufacturer called 'Pure Vision.'

The way Elon phrased it in his tweet, though, it’s clear he’s not 100 percent confident that Version 10.1 will, in fact, be good enough for public release. Not that long ago, he admitted that making cars that drive themselves is a far harder task than he anticipated and combined that with the ongoing NHTSA investigation into the Autopilot feature and you can understand why the manufacturer will treat this public rollout with maximum caution.


Even if the deadline is respected, this still only means Tesla drivers from the US will gain access to FSD, but not those from Canada, Europe or China. Regarding Canada, though, it could probably be next after the US, and Musk expects that FSD will be made available in the country in a few months’ time, while no date for Europe has thus far been set.

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