Just yesterday, we reported on information coming out of the UK that the Tesla Model 3 was sold out for Q2 2021 weeks ahead of the quarter's end. Prior to that, much earlier in the quarter, reports surfaced that Tesla was completely sold out for Q2 in the US. More recently, rumors were suggesting that the Model Y may be sold out in the US through Q3.

Now, we have more good news. Well, it's good news if you're a supporter of EV adoption, though it can be also seen as bad news since it seems Tesla is becoming increasingly unable to produce enough vehicles to satisfy demand.

With that said, having too much demand is not a negative. Moreover, the fact that people are still ordering Tesla's cars despite rising prices and very long wait time speaks volumes for the company's appeal. Hopefully, as two new factories come online in the near future, one in Texas and the other in Germany, Tesla's production constraints will diminish.

According to a recent report by Teslarati, based on leaked information provided by Sawyer Merritt on Twitter, it appears Tesla is now almost sold out through Q3 2021. If you order a Model Y today, you may not be able to take delivery until at least September.


Merritt posts Tesla news from his "sources" on a regular basis. Thus far, we've noticed that nearly every bit of news he has reported has eventually been proven true. Added to this, he's not the only person tweeting about leaked information or inside sources talking about Tesla's massive sales boom.

When Tesla decided to build a factory in China, skeptics mentioned that the company had fallen off of a demand cliff, and it wouldn't need the second factory. Talks accelerated when Tesla announced two more future factories. If there was no demand for Tesla's vehicles, there would no reason to expand. However, as these reports continue to stream in, it seems increasingly clear that Tesla will need the capacity of those factories, and sooner rather than later.

At what point do you think people will become frustrated with Tesla's rising prices and long wait times? Is there a breaking point? Will folks look elsewhere if Tesla can't begin to keep up with demand?

On a related note, what will happen if Tesla becomes eligible for a new US federal EV tax credit? Will orders simply become impossible to fill in any reasonable amount of time? Will Tesla drastically raise its prices?

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