According to a recent report published by Automotive News, General Motors and Royal Dutch Shell are making plans to join hands to help accelerate . The two companies will work to increase EV charging infrastructure, as well as home energy plans that save people money and rely on renewable energy sources.

This isn't the first time Shell has announced its efforts related to the future of electric vehicles. The company is installing charging points across the globe, and it has significantly ramped up its progress in some countries. Shell has also had EV charging stations at some of its gas stations for years.

The partnership with General Motors will actually be with a Shell-owned power company called MP2 Energy LLC. The two companies plan to begin their project in Texas. The report says Texas residents who own a GM electric car will get free overnight charging this summer 2021. Automotive News writes that the partnership's goal is to provide "comprehensive energy programs to GM’s customers and supply chain partners, including fixed-rate home energy plans backed by 100 percent renewable energy."

This isn't the first joint venture of its kind, and far from it. Manufacturers and energy companies around the world are teaming up and working toward a low-carbon future. Companies are under significant pressure to clean up their energy production, along with reducing the emissions produced by their customers. A Dutch court recently ruled that Shell must reduce its emissions by 45 percent by 2030, which is a much more difficult mandate than many rivals are facing. Meanwhile, GM hopes to be carbon neutral worldwide by 2040.

We're seeing more and more similar efforts fueled by the political transition in the US. The Trump administration spent years loosening fuel-economy requirements, and the former president went so far as to remove the US from the Paris Climate Accord. Now, the Biden Administration is working to make up for lost time by rejoining the Accord and pushing a massive infrastructure bill to help promote EV adoption and make EV ownership easier and less expensive.

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