Polestar announced today a new model - the Polestar 3, which will be an all-electric, performance SUV. Not only that, the company intends to produce the Polestar 3 in the U.S.

The news comes after raising $550 million in April, and confirming in September 2020 that the Polestar Precept will enter production at some point in the future to challenge other flagship EVs.

In other words, the company has two new BEVs in the pipeline and we guess that the SUV will be the third on the market, after the Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid and Polestar 2 BEV.

Polestar 3 production: 2022 in South Carolina

Polestar says that an aerodynamic electric performance SUV will be manufactured alongside new Volvo Cars vehicles at a shared production center in Ridgeville, South Carolina (opened in 2018).

Let's recall that the Polestar premium EV brand was launched in 2017 by Volvo Cars and Geely Holding (Geely controls Volvo).

The production is expected to begin "globally" in 2022. The word "globally" suggests that maybe there will be also other sites that will produce the Polestar 3 - like China.

"Polestar vehicles built in South Carolina will be for sale in the United States."

"Production of Polestar 3 is expected to begin globally in 2022. Full product details will be made available at a later date."

Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“Polestar 3 will be built in America, for our American customers. I remember the great response when I first shared Polestar’s vision here in the USA and I am proud that our first SUV will be manufactured in South Carolina. From now on, the USA is no longer an export market but a home market.”

Dennis Nobelius, Chief Operating Officer at Polestar said:

“Production in the USA reduces delivery times as well as the environmental impact associated with shipping vehicles around the world. It will even have a positive impact on the price of Polestar 3. All of this makes the brand even more competitive in the critical American sales market.”

Polestar promises to deploy around 25 retail ‘Spaces’ across the U.S. by the end of 2021.

"The Spaces offer customer conveniences such as home test drives, free pick-up and delivery servicing, and mobile service for consumers in markets still awaiting the opening of a Polestar Space."

Polestar 3 - new platform

One of the key bits of news is that the Polestar 3 will be based on a new EV-dedicated architecture for Volvo Car Group. The Polestar 2 was based on the CMA, used also for other powertrain types (ICE).

"Polestar 3 will debut the new generation of electric vehicle architecture from Volvo Car Group, which has been designed from scratch for full electrification."

It is obvious that this new platform will be used also in the upcoming new Volvo BEVs.

We are not sure yet whether the Volvo brand will also produce its version of the electric SUV in Ridgeville, South Carolina specifically, but it would add to the synergy.

Other than that, the new SUV will feature Google’s native Android Automotive OS infotainment system and "high-end, safety-focused autonomous driving features."

Polestar 1
Polestar 1
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Polestar 2
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