A few days ago we posted our Porsche Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo 70-mph range test in which the Cross Turismo covered 246 miles before exhausting the battery. Since we had the vehicle at a DC fast charger with the state of charge at zero, we figured we might as well do a DC fast charge recording. Which we did, but this one wasn't easy. 

There are currently very few Cross Turismos in the US, as the vehicle isn't available for sale just yet. The car we had on loan had just arrived from Germany a few days earlier, and still had a German communications module in it. The nav system didn't work, the infotainment system wasn't fully functional and Porsche told us about that before approving the short, 1-day loan. 

In fact, Porsche is only allowing 1-day loans on the vehicle until it gets upgraded, because they don't want the media charging it until the software is all up to date. Well, leave it to us to cause trouble.

When I plugged it into a 350 kWElectrify America charger all I got was crickets. However, after calling EA, and having them call Porsche, they figured out how to get the vehicle to accept a charge and we were able to record the session. 

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

However, it was determined that a 150 kW station would be a better choice to make it work, so that's what we used. Therefore, we didn't get the fastest charging session possible for the Cross Turismo, but using a 150 kW station was actually a good choice. 

That's because many DC fast charge sites don't have a 350 kW station, including many Electrify America stations. Therefore, our recording is very useful for those that want to know how quickly the Taycan will charge when they don't have the luxury of plugging into a 350 kW station and use a 150 kW unit. 

Taycan Cross Turismo charging curve

The Cross Turismo, like all Taycan's charges exceptionally well. That's because it has the same battery and charging equipment as the regular Taycans do. The Taycan Cross Turismo is only available with the 93.4 kWh (total capacity) Performance Plus battery pack that's optional on the base Taycan and the Taycan 4S. Porsche is relatively conservative with the usable capacity and restricts it to only 83.7 kWh. But as you'll see, holding that large buffer allows the Cross Turismo to charge at higher rates than most other EVs, once the state of charge is higher than 80%

Upon plugging in, the vehicle immediately began accepting 141 kW, and gradually climbed up to a peak of 159kW by the time it was 71% charged. It reached 80% state of charge in 28 minutes and at that point, it had added back 200 miles of driving range, based on our 70-mph range test. 100 miles was added back in only 14 minutes. 

Taycan cross Turismo charging graph

We charged the Cross Turismo from zero to 100% in 62 minutes, which is exceptionally fast, especially considering that we added back 91 kWh in that time. 

We're going to be getting another Taycan Cross Turismo for a longer loan at some point in the future. We'll repeat this test on a 350 kW charger and compare the results. 

The Taycan (all variants) is definitely one of the best fast-charging EVs available today. It accepts a lot of power even at a high state of charge and makes charging to 100% (if needed) on a DC fast charger much less painful than with most other EV's. 

So check out the video and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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