According to a recent report by Reuters, a fire started overnight at the ongoing construction site for Tesla's upcoming Gigafactory near Berlin. The German Gigafactory will be Tesla's first production facility in Europe, and it's set to open later this year. However, there have been many setbacks to an official opening date, and the recent fire could work to complicate the situation further.

The investigation is looking into whether the fire was actually a case of arson, and more specifically, one with political implications. This is due in part to a group of radical left activists who have already publically claimed responsibility for the fire at Tesla's future factory site.

Reuters reports that the fire started early Wednesday morning. The target was multiple power lines that head into the Tesla facility. However, the total area damaged by the fire is thankfully only about 3 square meters. The information came to Reuters from a spokesperson representing the LKA state criminal investigation office.

The LKA official made it clear that arson isn't being ruled out. Instead, investigators are looking into a letter that made its way onto social media. The reported letter was first published on a far-left media platform. According to the LKA spokesperson, it said the group cut Tesla's power supply by setting fire to "six high-voltage cables above ground." The letter also said, "Tesla is neither green, ecological nor social."

Tesla has been up against plenty of opposition in Germany, especially from environmentalists. Hopefully, we'll have some specifics to share as the investigation unfolds.

This is a developing story, as there is an investigation underway. As more details become available, we will either update this article or provide future articles with substantiated details.

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