Ready for another helping of "TeslaCam Stories" from YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam? It seems each time the channel releases another set of videos, it's even more interesting than the previous compilation. In fact, this could be the most popular yet. It features a senior police trooper putting his life on the line to potentially save the lives of others.

You can see from the video above, the trooper intentionally crashes into a car that appears to be speeding in the oncoming lane. This type of policing takes plenty of courage, and the officer clearly went in knowing that if he wasn't able to stop the car and apprehend the driver, others could have been hurt or even killed.

As the story goes, a Tesla Model 3 owner was driving on the highway in Oregon. He admits he was driving around 80 mph when he saw a police car speeding up behind him. The Tesla driver moved over so that the officer could pass him, though the police cruiser stayed in the oncoming traffic lane, driving straight toward an oncoming car. It was all caught on TeslaCam.

The officer appears to have every intention of crashing into the oncoming car head-on. When the car tries to avoid him by moving to the shoulder, the officer turns the steering wheel and angles his police cruise just enough to hit the car on its driver's side and eventually bring it to a stop. 

According to the Model 3 owner, the police trooper then jumped out of his vehicle, ran to the crashed car, broke the window, and cuffed the driver. This was all after an official report revealed that the car was seen driving in the wrong lane. The officer was responding to the report.

While the title story is typically the most fascinating, the best part about these Wham Bam videos is there are several other stories that are also worth watching. Check out the whole video, then scroll down and leave a comment.

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