Rivian reached out to us this weekend via email to share some new details about its upcoming R1T, which is an all-electric pickup truck set to come to market this summer. One early concern from some folks about the R1T was its smaller size compared to a full-size pickup truck. Now, we learn exactly how much space it has.

Rivian's email gives us a much better idea of the truck's cargo space, dimensions, exterior, utlilty features, and more. According to Rivian's press team, every space in the R1T is designed for functionality and accessibility. The startup automaker now has a webpage with plenty of details about the truck's dimensions and features, along with images.

Rivian says the Gear Tunnel is 65 inches long (about 5.5 feet). It's also fully enclosed and watertight. This way, you can stow important items in the truck without having to put them all in the cab.


The electric truck also has a lockable front trunk, which, at 11 cubic feet, has room for two full-sized coolers. In addition, a removable platform on the floor opens up a "hidden" lockable storage compartment. There's also a second lockable storage area beneath the R1T's bed. Rivian says it has room for a full-size spare tire. Underneath the R1T's bed is another lockable storage space that can fit a full-sized spare.

The R1T's bed measures 54 inches with the tailgate up. Putting the tailgate down extends the length to 83.6 inches. The truck also comes with a load-bearing panel that covers the gap between the truck bed and the tailgate, which creates a flat loading surface from the front to the back. 

Rivian also reveals that the bed walls have forged steel tie-downs in every corner. There are also four more tie-downs on the bed rails. These tie-downs can double as points to mount available Cargo Crossbars. The truck will offer two different lockable tonneau covers, too. One is manual while the other is powered.

The R1T's trailer hitch is intentionally hidden to improve aerodynamics, though the cover can be quickly and easily removed. The truck's 2-inch Class V receiver is rated for a tongue weight of 1,115 pounds. The R1T can tow up to 11,000 pounds.

Rivian says it will start delivering its R1T electric pickup truck this June. It says order holders will be able to test-drive its vehicles this summer. Dates, locations, and details will be announced soon.

For many more details complete with images from Rivian, follow the source link below.

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