As attractive as a vehicle can seem in renderings and CGI, it is only a fact when at least a prototype is presented to the public. The latest example came from Alpha Motor Corporation and it is still waiting for clarification. When it came to GCK, it took a little less than one year for its electric version of the Lancia Delta Integrale to show up in style: driven by Didier Auriol around the Circuit de Charade, in Saint-Genès-Champanelle, France.

Thanks to DirtFish, we learned that it would have only 47 units built: 36 of what the company calls Lancia Delta Evo-e and 11 Evo-e Rally units, which promise to deliver even higher performance than the regular restomod.

Lancia Delta Integrale Will Start E-Retrofit Premium Series And Become An EV

Sadly, the company did not share the capacity of the battery pack it has adopted for the classic rally car or who supplies it. It also did not reveal which motors it has installed on the car to keep one of the main characteristics of the Lancia Delta Integrale: all-wheel drive.

What the company stated is that it will keep a manual transmission. That gives us the idea that the vehicle will have a single motor, probably installed under the hood, connected with the original transmission of the Lancia Delta Integrale. That would “excite even those most skeptical” about how the car can drive.

For the Lancia Delta Evo-e to have a credible range, it will have to present a significant battery pack, something the original car did not have room to accommodate. Apart from the space for the fuel tank, we don’t see where else GCK could place the battery pack unless it made extensive changes to the car structure. 

According to DirtFish, the bodywork is stripped down and reinforced. Would that be the case because the vehicle floor was removed to make room for the battery pack? We’ll only know when the company reveals these details, possibly close to when it will also say how much the car will cost. Buyers with deep pockets worldwide can get in line: GCK promises it will sell these vehicles anywhere.

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