After the exceptionally strong March, Tesla is back in the game in Europe in a big way with the highest number of electric car sales and top electric car model (Model 3) in the first quarter of 2021.

According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt, Tesla's 12-month rolling sales volume also exceeded 100,000 for the first time since June 2020. That's another sign of return, despite there being no Tesla Model Y yet.

However, because the overall all-electric car market is growing very fast, Tesla's market share in Western Europe is lower than in the past: 15.3% (roughly 30,500 units) in Q1 2021 and 13% in the past 12-months, compared to massive 31% in December 2019.


The market share might improve a bit in the future, but it's probably inevitable that big OEMs will gradually take more and more for themselves.

Tesla has the top-selling model and is the top brand, but as an automotive group, it's barely on par with Hyundai Motor Group right now. Rolling 12-month sales of Tesla is 104,000, compared to 107,000 of Hyundai Motor Group.

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is at 132,000, while Volkswagen Group (186,000) probably will be the first to reach 200,000.


The total BEV sales over the past 12-months stands at 0.8 million and within just a few months, it should for the very first time ever reach 1 million.

On top of that comes plug-in hybrids, which possibly will be at an even higher level.

In terms of top-selling models, the Volkswagen ID.3 notes quite a disappointing volume (after a huge surge in late 2020). The result of 11,400 in Q1 is not low, but the position behind Renault ZOE (12,200), and slightly ahead of Hyundai Kona Electric speaks for itself.

Soon, we will see whether the Volkswagen ID.4 will try to beat Tesla Model 3 in Q2.


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