This Tesla Model 3 spins out on a snowy highway, but somehow, almost miraculously, it doesn't crash. This might be the best save we've ever seen.

We can't credit Tesla Autopilot here, but surely the Tesla's various safety systems, including traction control and ABS, helped to save the day.

As you'll see in the video, a Tesla Model 3 is traveling down a snowy highway when it loses control. The car swerves, then spins and that's when you spot the big snowplow truck coming up behind. Somehow, the driver rights the car again though, after a few more swerves and brings it back around so that it's facing the right direction.

The Model 3 never collides though, which we found quite amazing given the fact that it spun out on a very slick surface. You fully expect the car to hit either a barrier or perhaps another car, but that never happens.

It's hard to tell which system exactly helped to bring the Tesla back around and/or how much of it is simply driver skill, but the end results is still surprising whether or not the car itself helped avoid a crash.

In the end, though, the Model 3 was simply moving too fast for the conditions and the result was this crazy spin-out that surely rattled the driver quite a bit. This could've all been avoided by either driving slower or waiting for road conditions to improve before venturing out.

Let us know what you think of this save. Is it as impressive to you as it is to us? How much input do you think came from the car versus from the driver? And have you ever experienced something similar in your Tesla or any other electric car?

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