While we've certainly heard some chatter about this in the past, as well as some early reports, but now it has been officially confirmed by Rivian, and the automaker even posted a photo and details on its website. The Rivian R1T will be available with a removable, open-air roof.

The discussion was started just yesterday on the Rivian Owners Forum. It begins:

"Rivian has posted on their website that the R1T will come with an 'open-air removable roof option' that will be offered in mid-2022.

I wonder if the Hummer's removable roof prompted them to do this."

As you can see from the embedded image below, Rivian has posted this information on its official website.


Very few vehicles have a removable roof, and this is especially true of trucks. In fact, the new Jeep Gladiator has been advertised as the only pickup truck with a removable top. You can also remove its doors and windshield as well. This makes perfect sense since it's basically just a Wrangler with a bed.

If you're in the market for an electric pickup truck, there are no current options on our shores. However, several are coming, and sooner rather than later. For shoppers looking for an electric truck with a removable roof, you're in luck. The upcoming GMC Hummer EV may satisfy your craving, but it will be some time before the Hummer EV comes to market.

Perhaps taking that into consideration, Rivian is now officially offering a removable "open-air" roof, though it won't be offered at launch. Instead, the brand says it will come as an option in mid-2022.

As noted, Rivian and its followers and fans have discussed this in the past, but it was never made official by Rivian. The following tweet came ahead of Hummer EV news.


It's fantastic to see that Rivian plans to follow through with promises it made years ago. Check it out and leave us a comment.

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