On the occasion of Earth Day 2021 and following a successful inaugural event in Italy in early 2021, Motorsport Network is announcing InsideEVs, the Internet’s most trusted source for electric vehicle news, will host the first Electric Days Digital event in the US on September 20-21, 2021. The two-day event will be entirely virtual and free to everyone. The event’s goal is to celebrate, inform, and promote the imminent electric vehicle revolution in the US.

Electric Days Digital is comprised of a series of digital events across two days that will include articles, interviews, speakers, live round tables, and more. The timing of Electric Days Digital will also coincide with Zero Emissions Day on September 20 and immediately precedes the beginning of National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) from September 25 through October 3. Plug In America, a longtime coordinating presenter of NDEW, is also a media partner of Electric Days Digital.

The event’s goal is to celebrate, inform, and promote the imminent electric vehicle revolution in the US.

Many of these digital events will be hosted by InsideEVs own editors who are respected experts in the subject of electric vehicles. These include InsideEVs’ own Kyle Conner, who is the current EV Cannonball Run record holder, and Tom Moloughney, a globally respected journalist covering the subject of electrical vehicle charging and infrastructure.

These digital events will also feature representatives from automakers selling electric vehicles right now, from CEOs who green light the future to the engineers working on its development. Experts from other fields, as well as social media influencers, will also attend Electric Days Digital events as special guests.


Electric Days Digital will also be a valuable digital tool that guides people on their path to EV ownership, thanks to buying guides that will be available on www.electricdays.us and www.insideevs.com. These two online platforms will host multimedia content that aims to clarify and inform the public about electric mobility solutions and help identify the ideal car for their mobility needs.

Lastly, InsideEVs will use Electric Days Digital to announce the findings of its first EV intender survey. The survey will include valuable data from thousands of respondents that represent the full spectrum of EV intenders, from people with minimal interest to those looking to buy their second electric vehicle after falling in love with their first. Survey questions will be designed by the editors of InsideEVs with input from industry analysts and sales experts.

More information about Electric Days Digital will be released in the coming months as the itinerary of digital events is finalized, attendees are confirmed, and additional sponsors and partners added.

John Neff, Automotive Global Editor-in-Chief, Motorsport Network said: InsideEVs has been heralding the arrival of mass market electric vehicles for years, and they’re finally here! Electric Days Digital is our way of introducing the general public to the future of electric motoring and demonstrating the benefits not only for our environment, but our lives as well. Your next car should be an electric vehicle – Electric Days Digital will show you why and help you decide which one is best for you.

Filippo Salza, President of Automotive, Motorsport Network said: The electrified car is a reality, but the transition is only just beginning. You must explain it to people because a new technology must be understood before being chosen. We started this process with Electric Days Italy and plan to continue this within the US and other global markets.

For more information, please contact: inquiries@insideevs.com 

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