London, United Kingdom — Friday 9th April, 2021:  Motorsport Network, the global motor racing, and automotive publisher, has launched InsideEVs Germany (, an electric vehicles-focused publication for the German market.

Following the success of other localized versions of the InsideEVs publication, InsideEVs Germany will deliver geo-specific news to a German-speaking audience to help grow the knowledge, interest, and investment in electric vehicles and electromobility.

This new publication from Motorsport Network joins Germany,,, and Germany as the fifth national digital news site from the media house in Germany. This publication also marks the seventh version of InsideEVs, alongside global English-language, French, Italian, Brazilian, Russian, and Turkish. Collectively, the InsideEVs publications generated 16.4 million page views in March, showing the growth of interest in the electric vehicles industry and the need for additional localized versions of the publication.

Roland Hildebrandt is the Editor-in-Chief for the new website, moving across from Germany. Having worked in automotive journalism since 2007, Hildebrandt brings a wealth of experience with him to the team and a keen interest and knowledge of historical automobiles.

Filippo Salza, President of Automotive at Motorsport Network: "After China, Germany represents the second largest market globally in terms of EV sales. In 2020 only, the country had sold over 200,000 EVs. The vast investments undertaken by German carmakers and its transition to EVs and sustainable mobility will inevitably increase in the coming years. With InsideEVs leading the way in news reporting for this industry, InsideEVs Germany will help the carmakers explain such transition and support the German car buyers in understanding the changes of mobility and choosing their next EV."

Roland Hildebrandt, Editor-in-Chief of InsideEVs Germany: "Automotive, Automotive suppliers and Motorsport are such big industries in Germany, it only made sense to have a regional version of our electric vehicles site available in the German language. We'll be focusing on German-focused news, reaching a German-speaking audience, and hoping to show the worth and strength of electric vehicles in this country. And with more than 85 million page impressions across all our German-language websites this March, our already attractive offer to advertising partners now gained even more relevance within the vast target group of car- and motorsport interested people."

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