The Volkswagen ID.3 is just the first of the most affordable EVs on the MEB platform. Seat will have the , and Skoda will one day present its version of the ID.3 as well. We just wonder what is taking the Czech company so long to do that. Regardless, our friends at made a rendering that will probably spoil Skoda’s surprise.

The compact electric car from Skoda that imagined resembles the Enyaq iV, which is only natural. Skoda will have a brand identity for all its EVs, and its ID.3 should follow it as much as possible.

Skoda Enyaq Sportline iV

We can see that identity not only at the front of the car. The side creases are also similar to those in the Enyaq iV. This Skoda is nothing more than a more affordable ID.4 with a more angular design if you think it through.

With known battery pack sizes and outputs, the only surprises left for such a Skoda compared to the ID.3 will relate to prices and naming. Considering the Enyaq iV seems to use a Roman number 4 in peculiar writing, we would not doubt Skoda’s ID.3 to be called Enyaq iII. 

Yes, it looks weird in English, and Skoda will sell the car in the UK. Yet, the Kona also has an obscene name in Portugal, and Hyundai solved the problem by calling it the Kauai there. That could be the case for English-speaking markets, or Skoda could name the compact EV as something else entirely.

Regarding prices, the Skoda Enyaq iV costs €33,800 in Germany with the 51 kWh battery pack. The Volkswagen ID.4 with the same component costs €36,950 there. That’s a 9.3 percent difference. 

If the Skoda compact EV presents the same difference, it may cost as low as €28,566 compared to the ID.3 with the 45 kWh battery pack, priced at €31,495 in Germany, a country that offers up to €9,000 in incentives. How about a compact EV for €19,566 – $23,394 under the current exchange rate?

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