By the way of announcing sales results for the first quarter of 2021, Mercedes-Benz has revealed that its latest electric model - the EQA, unveiled in January - was well received.

The company has received around 20,000 orders, which sounds really nquite good. The manufacturer says that the EQA "achieved a high level of order intake and customer inquiries."

Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes‑Benz AG responsible for Marketing and Sales, said:

“With around 20,000 orders already received, the customer feedback for the EQA provides a promising kick-start into our Mercedes-EQ year 2021”

The first deliveries of the EQA started at the end of March, so hopefully, soon we will be able to see how smooth the ramp-up is or is not. Will all 20,000 cars to be delivered this year?

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Six Mercedes-EQ in 2021, more plug-in hybrids

With the EQA out of the gate, Mercedes-Benz has three all-electric models on the market (the other two are EQC and EQV).

With the upcoming world premieres of the EQS, EQB and EQE, the number of the all-electric Mercedes-EQ model will increase this year to six.

We know that next year, two SUV versions of the EQS and EQE will join the party for a total of eight models.

The electrification of conventional models also continues and by the end of 2021, there will be a total of about 30 plug-in hybrid variants (actually the number of models is smaller than that).

Another branch of electrification is vans. The eSprinter and eVito are already on the market and next year will be joined by the eCitan.

Of course, Daimler is also quickly progressing in electrification buses and trucks (of Mercedes-Benz and other brands), but that's a different story.

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