Those who want proper sports cars to become electric might be interested to learn that BMW is testing what appears to be a fully-electric M2. We don’t really know the specifics behind it, but our spies have sent us a batch of photos that has us rather intrigued.

As they point out, even though this prototype/mule is wearing the current BMW M2 body, it is most likely a testbed for a future model. The Bavarian automaker has not made any mention of launching an M2 BEV, even though it is worth noting that while the 2 Series sedan is now a front-wheel drive-biased model, the 2 Series coupe will remain rear-wheel drive, built on the same chassis architecture as the brand’s larger models.

And just like it did with the i4, the fully-electric version of the upcoming 4 Series Gran Coupe, we see no reason why BMW couldn’t also make a BEV version of the next M2. Now if the prospect of a small, nimble BMW sports car running only on electrons doesn’t have you enticed, then we don’t know what will.

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Still, let’s not get our hopes up, as this could simply be a test mule for something completely different, maybe just the powertrain itself. Sure, it would make sense from the standpoint of the driving enthusiast who wants to go electric to also have an M2 BEV alongside the upcoming ICE model, but BMW may not see a business case for such a model and it could never see the light of day.

Another interesting fact about this mule is the lack of any stickers on the outside announcing it is an electric vehicle. These are mandatory for testing EVs on public roads, and this has us believe this particular vehicle (that is also missing tailpipes, it has what appears to be a battery pack in between its axles and has some slats on the hood) has not been tested outside the facility itself.

But even if BMW isn’t planning to make an iM2, the fact that it is testing such a small electric vehicle with rear-wheel drive does suggest it may have similar size BEV sports car in the works. As a driving enthusiast who also loves EVs, this prospect is very appealing to me, but let’s hope something materializes out of this first, before getting our hopes up. At least we know for a fact an i4 M is coming, but a smaller, lighter model sounds even better.

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