The Chinese military doesn't like what it can't control.

Tesla vehicles won’t be able to enter Chinese military areas anymore because of a recent ban the military put into place. The Chinese military is worried that sensitive information could be collected by the built-in cameras that Teslas have. 

The ban will force Tesla owners who work and/or live in a military complex to park their car outside of the property. The military is concerned that Tesla is collecting military data that the Chinese government can’t see or control. The notice that was released to military personnel and residents said:

“Multi-direction cameras and ultrasonic sensors in Tesla cars may “expose locations” and the vehicles are being barred from military residences to ensure the safety of confidential military information.”

The interior camera that Teslas have was one of the main concerns. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet in 2019 that the interior camera will be used when Teslas are used in ride-hailing services in the future. However, some have been turned on for FSD (full-self driving) beta testers. The camera watches the FSD beta testers to make sure they are paying attention to the road. 

FSD beta was originally released late last year to a small number of Tesla owners who volunteered, but that number has been growing and will only get larger. Last week, Musk tweeted that the FSD beta system has been expanded to 2,000 Tesla owners. At the same time, the electric automaker revoked FSD beta from some owners who weren’t paying enough attention to the road while testing the system. 

According to the Automotive News report, interior Tesla cameras aren't turned on in China: 

“None of the in-car cameras in Teslas sold in China are turned on or part of the FSD beta trial, the Tesla representative said. Tesla’s privacy policies comply with national laws and local regulations in China, they said.”


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