The Volkswagen ID.4 deliveries to customers in the U.S. have just started (probably on March 16) and through the forum, we got confirmation from the first owners.

We will not try to find who was exactly first as there are multiple topics (like here, here, here, here and probably even more).

Let's get into the first experiences. Forum user Digi02 reports: "Overall great experience!" However, couple things to note from driving home at night:

"1. Backup camera poor night quality
2. I found there a significant difference between sport and comfort mode
3. The HVAC and volume sliders are not illuminated at night.
4. the pedestrian noise it’s emitting at low speeds is incredibly loud! Sounds like a space ship mixed with an orchestra tuning up." - He even recorded a video:

Another one, Huey52, also seems happy, starting topics with "I Love it when a Plan Comes Together!".

"I got in an extensive test drive and was pleased from the first moment in its comfortable and spacious interior. Very peaceful quiet drive even with the driver's window down when around town."

" The visibility all around is excellent as well. And I like the way the nose drops off in front of you. I gladly give up a "frunk" for that road view. "

The forum opinions might be a great source of feedback for those interested in the ID.4

Let's recall that the ID.4 has a range of about 234 miles according to our 70 mph range test, (250 miles Combined EPA range), and starts at $39,995, which after including DST and deducting federal tax credit, turns into an effective price of $33,415.

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