As we already know, the Volkswagen ID.4 has recently arrived in the U.S. and the German manufacturer underlines the importance of this moment.

It's a major milestone and first step in a plan to gain a substantial market share in the electric vehicle market in North America.

The first MEB-based model seems to be well received and we guess that it should be worth considering.

It's promised that the ID.4 will be widely available through a network of more than 600 dealers in the U.S. They should have AC Level 2 charging points available on-site and equipment to service the cars.

Some of the dealers are excited and already are posting videos with the ID.4 demo cars.

Taylor Olson, EV sales strategy and dealer development lead for Volkswagen of America said:

“The launch of the ID.4 represents a huge inflection point for the Volkswagen brand, and its foray into becoming a major player in the electric vehicle space. The ID.4 is the right car at the right time and is being sold by a dealer network that has really embraced the shift to electrification.”

Volkswagen notes that the compared to a traditional vehicle, an electric car requires several different steps along its journey from factory to dealer (like special handling, maintaining a sufficient state of charge) and from dealer to customer ("reinvented the steps to the typical vehicle purchase"). Preparations to handle MEB-based EVs started more than two years ago.

Soon we will see reports from the field, which will answer how well Volkswagen is really prepared. We are also curious how high is the demand.

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