Sandy Munro’s road trip with the was full of surprises. He and Cory Steuben slightly hit a deer, met Elon Musk, made a tour around SpaceX, and a lot more, but the biggest surprise of all was that the trip convinced Munro not to carry on the teardown.

If there is any sentimental reason for that, Munro does not reveal it. Although he really liked the car and said it gave him the “taste of honey” for electric vehicles, he is not keeping it. Anyone willing to buy it can get in touch with Munro & Associates and make a bid for it.

Sandy Munro Calculates How Much Bolts And Nuts Can Weigh On Car Prices

The rationale behind the decision was that there is not much information they can extract from the car. They have already seen the heat pump in the Model Y, and the one on the sedan is pretty similar. The electric crossover has a mega casting, but the Model 3 doesn’t. Summing up, the will they had to show how the car improved is not there yet.

If Munro could buy the , that would probably give him good material for the YouTube channel. The allegedly higher build quality and the more affordable battery pack could reveal interesting aspects. Yet, Munro would probably prefer to wait for the Model 3 made at Giga Austin, which should already present the mega casting.

The big irony of this development is that the Model 3 was put back together when Munro and Steuben decided to make the road trip. Their main goal was to meet Zen Matoshi, the global head of innovation at Faraday Future. They also had the chance to check the Aptera, and we do not doubt that the video on that visit will be released soon.

In the video above, Munro and Steuben tell us all about the road trip, how they arranged to meet Musk by chance, the surprise Munro had with the warm reception he had from the people who follow Munro Live a lot more. Take your time to watch the whole thing.

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