Tesla Superchargers, beware: competition is on its way from legacy automakers. This is what the video above states when it shows a visit to one of Hyundai Hi-Chargers. These charging stations have cables that can descend on the right, left, or in front of the car, charge to up to 350 kW, can be booked and, while you are there, you can test drive a Hyundai or check an Ioniq 5 and learn a bit about it before it is officially presented.

This last bit will obviously not always be the case. Regardless, one time was more than enough for Jee Seok Jin to explore the Ioniq 5 a little bit. He is a comedian in South Korea, and the video shows language is not a barrier for entertainment – thanks to the English subtitles.

Kia E-GMP Platform

The Hi-Charger attendant told Jee the Ioniq 5 would be able to charge at 350 kW on the stations and that it will recover all its charge in 18 minutes, which is not accurate: it gets 80 percent of the charge in this time interval. That is only possible due to the E-GMP electric car architecture it will debut and the 800V with which it works.

Jee also checked how the chargers operate. A massive touchscreen in the charger allows the user to select which side the cable will be lowered: left, right, or center. That makes the operation easy for any user, especially considering these high voltage cables are not exactly light.

For those who do not want to get to a Hi-Charger and find all of them busy, the Hyundai app will allow them to book a charging session. That is a fantastic idea to avoid spending energy searching for another charger, especially when the idea is to recover it.

Hyundai's fantastic idea was to allow electric car owners to test drive its electric vehicles while they wait for their cars to recharge. Jee chose to drive the Nexo. Although his review was brief, it was interesting to check his opinions on the fuel cell vehicle Hyundai wants to promote. We also got a little more anxious to see the Ioniq 5 and the Hi-Charger spread as soon as possible. The more options EV buyers have, the better.

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