An interesting project has emerged in solar-friendly Australia, where a group of companies will build in Queensland the first neighborhood 100% equipped with solar and battery energy storage.

The plan is to install 6.2 kW solar system (17x 365 W PV modules) and 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall in every house (about 80 total), to make the entire neighborhood independent in terms of electricity, and maybe even make some money when selling the surpluses through a Virtual Power Plant system.

To attract customers, the installation of solar and batteries is "highly subsidized". As a result, the additional cost should be paid off within several years through no electricity bills:

"Natural Solar is proud to be partnering with the Queensland government and Tesla to turn this outstanding smart solar and battery home vision and into a reality.

Homeowners at Oxely's Songbird Housing Development can expect to save up to $2100 per year with a return on investment of just 5 years, with the addition of backup power from the Tesla Powerwall in the event of a blackout.

The development is a first of its kind working in harmony with the electricity grid in addition to the ability to create a Virtual Power Plant "

As we know, Tesla is in a process of installation of Powerwalls in Australia on a mass scale - up to 50,000 housing properties to be included, and create a virtual power plant with an output of up to 250 kW and 675 MWh.

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