As we previously reported, construction at Tesla Gigafactory 4 was interrupted once again. When Tesla first announced that it was building a car factory in Germany, skeptics argued it would never happen, or it would take a very long time, due to the country's "red tape."

While the project is well underway and Tesla is making quick progress, it hasn't been without obstacles and delays. Some have come as part of Germany's strict regulations. However, others can only be blamed on Tesla itself.

According to a report by Teslarati, Tesla finally followed through with the required cash deposit of €100 million ($123 million) on Friday, January 15. The money goes to the Brandenburg State Environment Agency. The funds are held in case the office decides not to approve Tesla's permit for the factory. If denied, it could use the deposit to tear down Giga Berlin. 

The security deposit was originally due over a month ago, on December 17, but for some reason, Tesla was not able to pay it at the time. Instead, on December 16, the American electric automaker applied to have it extended to January 4. Meanwhile, construction at Giga Berlin was temporarily halted.

This is because officials didn't initially agree to grant the extension. However, later, the deadline was moved up to January 15. Tesla had guaranteed the deposit by way of a letter. The automaker followed through and processed the deposit on January 15. Frauke Zelt, a spokeswoman for the Environment Ministry shared:

“The necessary security is provided by the provisions of a letter of comfort by a German GmbH, combined with a cash deposit of 100 million euros."

Despite strict regulations, permits, and many roadblocks, Tesla has still managed to make impressive progress on the German electric car factory. The Brandenburg State Environment Agency has plans to make its final decisions related to the factory sometime this February.

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