Production vehicles rarely stay true to the beautiful curves we see on their concepts. There are many reasons why that is, including safety, homologation, and cost, but concepts do serve a purpose and help manufacturers gauge the feasibility of new technologies as well as the public interest in them.

Our friend Alex Guberman over at the YouTube EV news channel, E For Electric, took a look back at the recent electric concept cars and put together a list of his top twenty. Personally, I think I may have included the Chevrolet Volt concept in this list if I had made the video, but the concepts he does list are all worthy as well. 

I can remember how much I loved the Volt Concept back in 2007 when I first saw it. It was one of the vehicles that got me excited about EVs and I was definitely planning on buying one. Then the production Volt came out and while it was still a nice looking car, it definitely wasn't what the concept promised, in my opinion. 

lutz volt concept
Bob Lutz with the Chevy Volt concept

Some of the vehicles on Guberman's list, like the BMW i3 and Porsche Taycan, have made it to production, albeit a little different looking from their respective concepts. Then, there are a few others like the Volkswagen ID.BUZZ, the Fisker Ocean, and the Mercedes EQS that aren't in production yet, but are indeed coming soon. 

Others, like the MINI Superleggera, the BMW Vision M Next, and the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR, will unfortunately never see their way to the showrooms.

Here's the list of the twenty concepts mentioned in the video, as well as the timestamps so you can jump to that part of the video if you'd like. 

  1. @1:00 SONY Vision-S 
  2. @1:33 Fisker EMotion
  3. @2:04 Mercedes-Benz EQS Vision
  4. @2:27 BMW i3  
  5. @3:54 Lexus LF-30
  6. @4:10 Mini Superleggera
  7. @4:32 BMW Vision M NEXT
  8. @4:52 Karma SC1
  9. @5:10 Hyundai Prophecy
  10. @5:37 Infiniti Q Inspiration 
  11. @5:53 VW ID.BUZZ 
  12. @6:28 Renault MORPHOZ
  13. @6:47 Cadillac LYRIQ
  14. @7:11 Tesla Roadster
  15. @7:30 Faraday Future FF91
  16. @8:11 VW ID.VIZZION 
  17. @8:28 Nissan IMs 
  18. @8:56 BYTON M-Byte
  19. @9:25 Porsche Mission E
  20. @9:57 Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR
Porsche Mission E concept
The Porsche Mission E is one of our favorite all-time electric concept cars.

At the end of the video, Guberman has Henrik Fisker on for a bit. Fisker explains why we rarely ever get a production car that lives up to the gorgeous styling that the concept promised. Check out the video and let us know if you agree with the choices Guberman made, and what electric concepts he missed that should have been included on the list.

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