Have you wondered what a Tesla that has Full Self-Driving enabled ‘ sees ‘ as it drives along? Yes, well then you may want to read on and check out the videos posted within this article.

They are provided by @greentheonly, a renowned Tesla hacker who has provided us with a lot of information on how some of the company’s technologies work in the past. This time, he posted a couple of videos that essentially show the feed from a Tesla’s forward facing camera with various other things that the car ‘ sees ‘ as an overlay on top of the image.


Not everything that the car picks up is shown as an overlay (it checks even more things than it has a graphic representation for), but these two videos do allow us to see some of the things that it is tracking in real time.


This is not the first time we’ve had a peek at the inner workings of Tesla FSD, but we welcome more of these videos. FSD is currently in a Beta 6 phase, and its use is still currently limited to a smaller number of drivers in the United States. However, the plan is to roll it out across other areas, including Europe, in 2021, until it passes the beta stage and is then made available anywhere around the world (as long as the law in that area allows for its use).

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