Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn't support three-wheeled vehicles. He says they're just not safe enough to wear the Tesla name. Interestingly, he has first-hand experience riding one (and crashing it), though he didn't reveal that in his argument.

You may remember, recently Sandy Munro was giving Arcimoto Kudos for its three-wheeled EV. In fact, he plans to help the company with manufacturing in order to reduce costs. In one of his videos about the subject, Munro says automakers need to move forward with EVs in a hurry. He actually asks for Tesla's help with the Arcimoto FUV, as well as two other three-wheeled electric cars.

A few hours after ALEX (@ajtourville) posted the video clip on Twitter, Musk responded:

"Can’t support 3 wheel vehicles. Not safe enough."

As far as we can tell, Musk just left it at the and never said another word about it. Yes, he left out the part where he could have called on his personal experiences in explaining his issues with the safety of three-wheelers, or the fact that he was kept safe by a three-wheeled EV.


Apparently, about a year ago, Musk was one of the first people to ever crash a production Arcimoto FUV. The company's CEO Mark Frohnmayer said Musk was test riding the electric three-wheeler when he crashed it into a brick wall. He said:

“Elon is the very first one to ever crash an Arcimoto, a production Arcimoto.

“He jumped into the driver’s seat of Adeo’s Arcimoto and promptly drove it into a brick wall.” 

Fortunately, Musk wasn't injured, so perhaps the Arcimoto is safer than he expected. We're not sure what caused him to drive it directly into a wall. Perhaps when this story circulates, Musk will take to Twitter to elaborate. Maybe it just needs Autopilot?

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