Tesla recently powered up a new world's largest Supercharging station with 56 stalls (V3 rated at up to 250 kW each). It's located in Firebaugh, California.

Previously, the three biggest stations (with 50 V2 stalls each) were in China (launched in 2017-2018): Shanghai - Lilacs International Com. Center, Beijing - Baolong Mansion and Beijing - Hairun Mansion.

Of course, that's besides the the non-publicly accessible station with 64 stalls at the Giga Shanghai. There is also a second facility with 40 stalls, which brings the total number to over 100 at the plant.

The combined peak power of 56 V3 stalls is an amazing 14 MW, but we have no evidence that all of the stalls actually could be running at top power simultaneously.

A cool thing about those large Tesla Supercharging stations is that there are solar canopies to hide the cars from rain or sun. According to supercharge.info, there is also a battery storage system.

The video above was provided by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, while below, we can take a look at the video from I.T.S., recorded in mid-September when the site was under construction.

Via supercharge.info:

Date Opened 2020-11-13
Elevation 479 ft
GPS 36.639287, -120.625451
Hours 24/7
Stalls 56
Power 250 kW
Solar Canopy Yes
Battery Storage Yes

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