The third quarter of 2020 turned out to be one of the strongest in terms of expansion of Tesla Supercharging network in terms of the number of stations and connectors.

Tesla expanded the network by 146 new stations and 1,337 stations:

  • 2,181 stations - 32% more than a year ago
    +146 new stations in a quarter
  • 19,437 individual connectors (stalls) - 33% more than a year ago
    +1,337 connectors in a quarter

The network is now a third bigger than a year ago and that does not even include the ongoing increase of power (installation of the new 250 kW V3 chargers).

The connectors to stations ratio is 8.9 (9.2 in the last quarter).

Number of Tesla Superchargers (globally) - Q3 2020


The biggest 60-stall station is at the Tesla Giga Shanghai (there is also another one with 40-stalls).

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