A versatile and efficient, family-friendly all-electric crossover SUV versus a track-ready sports car? Seem there's no contest here, but you might be plenty surprised to see how the Tesla Model Y's acceleration compares to the Corvette's. We also get to see each car tackle the twisty track.

Tesla drag races are a big deal. Whether or not you're a fan, it's impossible to say they're not super popular. Is this because Tesla fans are all about race cars? No, not necessarily, but EV fans are all about proving that the technology is highly capable of being the future of automobiles. Gone are the days of most small, polarizing, subpar performance electric cars. Now, many EVs put gas cars to shame.

The Tesla Model Y is the automaker's newest option. It's a midsize crossover "SUV" based on the Model 3 sedan. It's also Tesla's slowest car, which doesn't mean much since all Tesla's vehicles are incredibly quick. It's not Tesla's cheapest car, but it's much less expensive than the Model S and Model X. Moreover, cheaper versions of the Model Y are yet to come.

The Fast Lane Car took ownership of a Model Y recently. Initially, they bought a Model 3, damaged it, repaired it, traded it in for a Model X, and now onto the Y. These guys are definitely learning a whole lot of the pros and cons of Tesla's vehicles.

In this recent video, they pit the Model Y against a new, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray to record 0-60-mph time and a lap on the track. TFL Car calls these two vehicles the most popular cars in America right now. The Corvette sets a new track record for TFL Car, which they expected since a Corvette held their last record. Interestingly, the Model Y kills it around the twisty track as well, but doesn't quite match the Corvette.

The only question left here is, how does the Corvette's acceleration compare to the Model Y's? Check out the video for the results. Then, leave us a comment below.

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