Jeff Dahn is a battery researcher that specializes in Tesla batteries. He recently held a video conference where he announced the much talked about, so-called million-mile batteries (good for 5,000 cycles) are actually even better, capable of achieving a charge count several times higher.

He now states that the particular lithium-ion cells that he and his team have been testing are actually capable of taking between 10,000 and 15,000 full charge-discharge cycles - that means going from 100 percent to zero percent and, even so, the cells show remarkably low degradation which to Dahn suggests they can go way more than one million miles - he reckons that they are good for 2-million or more miles.

The batteries that Dahn and his team tested are manufactured by Li-FUN Technology in China and he believes these batteries are very similar to Tesla’s next-gen 4680 cells. In fact, Tesla’s batteries could be even better than the ones they tested.

Just like Tesla’s new 4680 cells, these produced by Li-FUN and tested by Dahn are dry batteries. To get the full picture, do check out the full hour-long video that goes into much more detail and also includes insight and commentary from another battery researcher, Lukas Swan.

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