The Electric Roadtrip is a new YouTube channel focused on Tesla Model Y road trips and towing. In this latest episode, they set out on a 1,400-mile journey towing a camper from Colorado to Idaho. The most interesting part here is that they are heading away from areas where Tesla Superchargers are abundant. In fact, in some of these locations, there's almost no public fast-charging infrastructure.

Don't let anyone tell you that Tesla's vehicles can't tow. In fact, electric propulsion is arguably the future of towing thanks to its incredible torque. Ford proved that its F150 electric prototype can tow 1 million pounds, though the load was on rails, but still.

The biggest concern with towing – with gas or electric power – is range and efficiency loss. Studies have shown that electric cars lose a huge amount of their range while towing. However, this is true of gas cars too, but perhaps not quite as significant. Moreover, people just don't pay as much attention to the losses since most gas trucks and SUVs have plenty of range, and gas stations are widespread.

If you're towing with an EV like the Tesla Model Y that has some 300 or so miles of EPA-estimated range, you'd better make sure there's a place to charge every 100 miles or so just to be safe. As technology improves, batteries become more energy-dense, and charging infrastructure grows, towing with an electric vehicle shouldn't be an issue.

To learn more about the Model Y's efficiency when towing, as well as detailed charging stats, check out the video. Then, let us know all about your EV towing experiences in the comment section below.

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