Tesla owner and incredibly popular YouTube influencer Dan Markham (What's Inside?) was able to get his hands on a few "V1" bricks made by Elon Musk's Boring Company.

If you aren't familiar, as The Boring Company digs tunnels beneath cities, it uses the dirt to make bricks, which can be sold very cheaply or given away to people who need them. However, the question here is how do these dirt bricks compare to typical bricks. Are they durable? If Musk sells them for 10 cents, how much money will people save?

Reportedly, The Boring Company has an initial batch of 500 bricks, though they are of the "version 1" variety, so apparently, there will be V2 and perhaps V3 bricks in the future. At any rate, Markham was able to get two from a company employee for the purpose of testing. What's Inside? is the perfect channel to test the bricks for durability since they essentially make a living dissecting and destroying products to reveal what's inside.

Musk previously said the bricks could be sold for 10 cents apiece or given away free for affordable housing projects. He also said the bricks are super strong, so much so that they could handle California's earthquakes. The bricks are also lighter than normal bricks since they're bored in the center. Musk shared (via Teslarati):

“[Boring Bricks are] Rated for California seismic loads, so super strong, but bored in the middle, like an aircraft wing spar, so not heavy."

To prove or disprove Musk's earlier statements, Markham compared the Boring Bricks to other bricks with prices ranging from 43 cents to 71 cents. He dropped the bricks from different heights until he could get them to break. Clearly, this is not a very scientific test, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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