Nationwide Vehicle Contracts (NVC) just reported that the Tesla Model 3 is the UK's most popular electric car. However, it doesn't stop there. The publication put together a full report looking at the last three years of global electric car sales via EV It then researched Google search volume data for electric vehicles in 152 countries across the globe using the Keyword Explorer Tool.

Tesla Model 3 charging

According to NVC, in July 2020, electric vehicle sales were up a whopping 77 percent compared to the same period in 2019. For 2020, electric vehicle sales are expected to hit nearly 3 million. By far and wide, Tesla is the most popular electric car. More specifically, the Model 3 is the dominant leader, but the brand as a whole holds three of the top four positions.

According to the data, the Model 3 rakes in an average of 1,852,356 global searches per month. It's followed by the Nissan LEAF, which gets less than one-third of the search attention, at 565,689. The Tesla Model X and Model S closely follow, respectively. NVC also broke the electric car search data down by country. Check out the lists below:

Ranking Car Model Monthly Searches

1 Tesla Model 3 1,852,356
2 Nissan Leaf 565,689
3 Tesla Model X 553,999
4 Tesla Model S 524,479
5 BMW i3 347,333
6 Renault Zoe 343,815
7 Audi e-Tron 278,379
8 Renault Twizy 166,459
9 Jaguar I Pace 154,064
10 Hyundai Kona Electric 136,329

Top Electric Cars By Country

Australia Tesla Model 3
Canada Tesla Model 3
Egypt Tesla Model X
Ireland Nissan Leaf
Italy Tesla Model 3
UK Tesla Model 3
United States Tesla Model 3
France Tesla Model 3
Germany Tesla Model 3
China Tesla Model 3
Hungary Tesla Model 3
Netherlands Tesla Model 3
New Zealand Tesla Model 3
United Arab Emirates Tesla Model 3

NVC put the data into a nice, color-coded map as well. We've attached it in its full form below:



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