If the information presented on the Mach-E Forum is accurate (and it all seems legit), it looks like Ford will be dropping the price of the Mach-E electric crossover by a few thousand dollars depending on model. The information was obtained from what appears to be a notice that the automaker sent across its dealer network.

Basically, you will be paying $3,000 less for all Premium trim models, $2,000 less for all CA Route 1 models and $1,000 less for all Select and First Edition models. The only model that doesn’t benefit from this MSRP reduction is the hottest variant, the GT.

The measure is effective today, 29 September, and it should apply to all  pre-orders, although you will have to check with your specific dealer to see if that’s the case (you should receive an email from them later today). According to one of the bullet points on the notice posted on the forum,

‘ Dealers should reach out to existing Mustang Mach-E order and reservation holders to communicate the price reduction. Reservation and order holders will receive email communication from Ford regarding the price on the afternoon of 9/29. ‘

Another bullet point reads

‘ For existing online orders, dealers should verify new pricing in the Dealer Acceptance Portal (within WBDO) and review their CRM lead details for previous pricing, to be able to communicate changes to customers. For existing online orders, reference the Dealer Acceptance Portal screens for the customer’s updated price. ‘

This means the new starting prices for each trim levels are as follows: Select RWD $42,895, Select AWD $45,595, CA Route 1 RWD $49,800, Premium RWD $47,000, Premium AWD $49,700 and First Edition $58,300.


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