Daimler announced the launch of its 18m articulated Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G electric bus, which besides the standard NMC batteries, will optionally be available with a solid-state battery.

The German manufacturer does not reveal much about its newest battery option, above what was said earlier this year.

"Applause, please, for the new all-electric Mercedes-Benz articulated bus eCitaro G. It is optionally equipped with innovative solid-state batteries."

"In general, vehicles with solid-state batteries as standard were not expected until the middle of this decade. Mercedes-Benz is faster: the new eCitaro G is the first series production city bus in its category anywhere in the world to be equipped with solid-state batteries."

While the standard lithium-ion batteries (NMC chemistry, with liquid electrolyte) can be configured from 296-396 kWh (9 to 12 packs, 33 kWh each) for the real-world range of up to 170 km (106 miles), the more energy-dense solid-state batteries can store 441 kWh (seven 63 kWh packs) for up to 190 km (118 miles) of range. The difference in the maximum range is 20 km or 12%, which does not sound like a lot.

Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G
Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G

According to the company, the solid-state battery has 25% higher energy density, are environmentally friendly (no cobalt) and long-lasting. On the other hand, they are not ready for ultra-fast charging and it seems that the maximum system capacity is just 12% higher (441 kWh vs 396 kWh).

The company gives its solid-state battery a basic guarantee of up to 10 years or 280 MWh energy throughput. Assuming that it concerns the 63 kWh pack (one of seven), it would be an equivalent of over 4,440 full cycles and over 840,000 km (520,000 miles).

"The long life of the solid-state batteries is particularly striking. Therefore, when purchasing an eCitaro with solid-state batteries, a basic guarantee for the high-voltage battery for up to 10 years or up to 280 MWh energy throughput per battery pack is standard."

Hopefully, we will know more about the solid-state battery used in the Mercedes-Benz buses soon.

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