The GMC Hummer EV will be officially revealed on October 20, just weeks from now, and if you're suitably impressed, you'll be able to make a reservation. The news comes straight from General Motors who also took the time to give us some pretty revelatory clues about the vehicles "crab mode" feature.

Last week, the automaker divulged the new logo for the monster-sized Hummer EV, which is dominated by the image of a crab. Obviously then, this crab mode is a big deal, considering they could have gone with something that emphasized the vehicles crazy levels of performance. If you'll recall, this Hummer electric reboot is said to offer 0-to-60 lunges in three thrilling seconds.

We here at InsideEVs have long suspected the unusually-named mode involved some sort of sideways movement, and that appears to be the case. The video clip supplied by the automaker (above) reveals that the Hummer EV will feature all wheel steering, which is a needed attribute to achieve a sideways motion.

If you were hoping to see this beast move its bulk in a 90-degree direction, you may be disappointed, however. Though the footage does show a crab doing its sideways thing, with its wheels all pointed and turning in the same direction, the Hummer EV moves diagonally across the sand.

This is pretty cool, but we feel it's incumbent upon us to point out that diagonal is not exactly sideways. It's only sideways-ish, at best. This is still pretty great, of course, and a feature that could come in handy while trying to conquer gnarly trails.

Speaking of which, this may also be a good time to point out that crab mode may not work well on pavement. Certainly some aspects of four-wheel steering will come into play on asphalt –making the new Hummer handle and park like a much smaller vehicle – but more extreme movements may be limited to soft surfaces.

In any case, we certainly look forward to seeing the Hummer EV in production form next month and sharing everything there is to know about this remarkable machine. Stay tuned.

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