Today, on September 11, 2020, Volkswagen officially started deliveries of its long-awaited first MEB-based model, the ID.3.

The first unit of the limited edition 1ST (one of 30,000 rich-equipped 58 kWh version cars), was handed over by Volkswagen's Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann to a customer - Oliver Nicolai - at the Transparent Factory in Dresden, Germany.

Customer deliveries probably are starting already at other dealerships in Germany and possibly in other countries anytime soon now.


Volkswagen recently showed that hundreds of cars were shipped to the UK, Norway and Sweden, as well as to multiple other markets in Europe, from Italy, through the Netherlands to Ireland.

We guess that September registrations of ID.3 in Europe should skyrocket, possibly exceeding 10,000.


Soon after the first batch of ID.3 finds a way to customers, Volkswagen will unveil its second MEB-based model, the ID.4 which is already in production and scheduled for sale later this year.

The major offensive entered the stage of production and sales and we will closely look at how well the proprietary-designed BEVs from Germany will cope on the market.

The multi-billion dollars of investments leaves Volkswagen with no margin for error. The IDs must succeed (and sell in hundreds of thousands a year) or the entire company would be hit hard.

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