Volkswagen just released a video presenting the first customer ID.3 1ST cars arriving in Sweden.

According to the German manufacturer, some 300 ID.3s arrived at the port of Södertälje on Monday (August 31) for the first deliveries in September.

Together with 700 deployed in Norway a few days earlier, that would be a total of 1,000 in just those two markets. The total number of 1ST edition will be 30,000.

Volkswagen ID.3 in Sweden
Volkswagen ID.3 in Sweden
Volkswagen ID.3 in Sweden

Volkswagen's "secret" plan is to deliver simultaneously thousands of ID.3 1ST in Europe in September and score a huge number of registrations. Probably including several thousand in Germany alone.

We guess that it will be a five-digit numbers, but maybe not necessarily over 20,000, as some customers might delay their purchase to get a complete software package.

Only time will tell which EV model will win the "super September" which is expected to be an all-time sales record in Europe.

It could be Tesla Model 3 (a huge rebound after long-time supply constraints) or Volkswagen ID.3, or maybe even Renault ZOE?

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