Electrify America today announced the expansion of its home EV charging solutions with the introduction of Electrify Home. The charging network describes Electrify Home as a new "dedicated business unit that provides expanded solutions for residential L2 charging to help make electric vehicle ownership easier for current and future drivers".

The addition of Electrify Home Services follows the company's introduction of its home level 2 charging station last year. Since that introduction, customers interested in buying the unit would order it on Amazon, either directly, or link to the Amazon page through the Electrify America website. 

Now, with the creation of Electrify Home, Electrify America is taking more of a hand's on approach, and bringing the purchase, installation, and subsequent customer support together under one roof, accessed from the Electrify America website. The goal is to make the entire process seamless, and easier for the customer.

Electrify America Electrify Home


However, Electrify America has confirmed to InsideEVs that customers who prefer to buy through Amazon and handle the installation themselves will still have that option. 

“Right now, about 80 percent of electric vehicle charging is done at home. With the launch of Electrify Home, we’re providing flexible and forward-thinking home charging solutions for EV drivers of today and tomorrow,” said Nina Huesgen, senior manager, Home and eCommerce at Electrify America. “EV drivers need more charging options to feel truly independent and confident in their decision to go electric, which is why Electrify America has expanded its focus to create a connected and smart home charging ecosystem.” 

The Electrify America webstore will now process the purchase and deliver the Home Charger to customers. If the customer would like Electrify America to take care of the installation, its partner, Qmerit will find a local electrician that is an experienced EVSE installer.

While this is definitely an improvement for Electrify America, it's not a novel approach. In fact, most of the popular EV home charging providers also offer home installation services. Both ChargePoint and Enel X Charging already offer Qmerit installation services when customers buy their home EV charging equipment.

So while it's definitely a good move that Electrify America's customers will appreciate, they aren't reinventing the wheel here. But that's not meant to be a criticism, we just want the readers to know that these kinds of installation services are indeed available from many companies selling level 2 chargers. 

Electrify America Electrify Home

Electrify America's Level 2 Home Charger: 

  • Flexible installation options: For easy installation, the L2 home charger comes with a standard NEMA 14-50 supply power plug, compatible with the 240-volt outlets commonly found in households. The unit can also be hardwired by a licensed and qualified electrician and comes with a docking station that allows for wall-mounting. 
  • Indoors or outdoors: The home charger is equipped with a NEMA 3R enclosure, allowing it to be mounted inside or outside. A 24.6-foot cable makes it easy to reach and plug in your car. 
  • Colored light that indicates charging status: An LED color indicator makes it easy to view charging status, with a ring around the charger that lights up blue while the car is charging and lights up green when the battery is full. 
  • Three-year warranty, 24-hour support: Electrify America offers a three-year warranty and 24- hour customer support.
  • It's a 32-amp unit, capable of delivering 7.6kW to the vehicle.
  • Currently available for $449.00

We think this is a good step for Electrify America, as they move to make their presence in the level 2 residential charging space more prominent. Electrify America's primary business is installing and managing high-speed public EV charging infrastructure, but it only makes sense that they also provide private home charging solutions, installation, and support, to complete the entire ecosystem of electric vehicle charging needs. 

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