Tesla has just shown a few images from Beijing where the first V3 Supercharging station went online as part of the current rollout.

It's not the first V3 in China, we believe, as at least one is listed in Shanghai, but there is not many of them either, especially taking into consideration how quickly the number of Tesla cars on the Chinese roads is increasing these days.

The V3s are able to charge the cars at up to 250 kW (peak):

Tesla Supercharging - V3 station in Beijing, China
Tesla Model 3 Supercharging at 250 kW at V3 station in Beijing, China

Tesla promises more V3 in China also in other cities: "The first V3 Supercharger station in Beijing is open!We will launch the V3 Supercharger in more cities soon."


The overall number of Tesla Supercharging stations has increased to over 2,000 with over 18,000 individual stalls. In China, it's about 277 stations according to the supercharge.info.

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