Within just 2-3 weeks since we last checked the progress at the Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Giga Berlin) in Grünheide near Berlin in Germany, the site transformed unbelievably.

The work accelerated and as of Summer 2020 (about nine months since the announcement), multiple structures under construction were identified, including:

  • Drive Unit (DU) - the biggest structure
  • Painting (PT) - smaller structure, shown on the beginning
  • Body in white (BW), General Assembly (GA) and Seats (SE)

According to the first video from Giga Berlin / GF4Tesla, build GIGABERLIN channel (recorded on August 7), all columns were installed for the DU and the work now concerns the roof and walls, while in the case of the well advanced PT, the roof is being extended and new walls emerge.


At such pace, Giga Berlin might match Giga Shanghai and we should have an interesting race with Tesla Giga Austin in Texas, which just started to prepare the site.

Noteworthy is also that Tesla cleared more area for future expansion in the northern part of the plot.

Additional footage and commentary come from Tobias Lindh and Torque News:

Tesla Gigafactory 4 (aka Tesla Giga Berlin) at brief:

  • located in the Berlin-area (in Grünheide, Brandenburg, Germany), near the new airport
  • to produce Model 3/Y starting in 2021 with the Model Y
  • will produce also batteries (for sure modules/packs) and powertrains
  • expected volume of 500,000 annually (unofficial target), initially 150,000
  • expected investment of €4 billion (unofficial)
  • expected 10,000 jobs (unofficial)

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