The Electric Storm Tracker.

Travis Meyer, a meteorologist from Tulsa, Oklahoma recently shared a very interesting image of the Tesla Cybertruck as a storm-chasing truck in the News On 6 fleet.

Once we saw it, the first thought was - what a perfect application for this extraordinary electric vehicle.

The exoskeleton construction and basically armored windows, combined with low center of gravity and low profile, long-range, high performance and the ability to easily power stuff on-board from its huge battery (to name just a few advantages) may turn the Cybertruck into an ultimate storm and tornado chaser.

Travis Meyer is eager to see the Tesla Cybertruck on the market and invites Elon Musk to chase the storm together.

"Hey @elonmusk can’t wait to storm chase with you in the @NewsOn6 @Tesla storm chasing truck from the new @cityoftulsagov factory – our great hometown! We’ll commit right now to buying the first. So @vondcastor @amycastor9 & @valcastor can use it to keep Oklahomans safe..."


We guess that utilizing the Tesla Cybertruck as a chase truck would take TeslaCam videos to a whole new level, just like one of the followers noted:


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