This video is certainly a drag race video, though it's a whole lot more. As Gjeebs points out, they race the base Tesla Model 3 against a Ford Focus ST and BMW M3. It's neat to see how the entry-level Model 3 stacks up to other cars in their higher, performance-oriented trim levels, but it's arguably more interesting to hear the related dialogue.

Gjeebs says he's a car lover who loves performance vehicles and loud exhausts. He also admits he was a Tesla hater. However, now that he's reviewed and driven the car, he can no longer hate it. He actually says it's basically impossible to hate a Tesla once you've been behind the wheel. The car he's talking about is a 2018 Model 3 single-motor rear-wheel-drive version. This is Tesla's entry-level Model 3, which is capable of a 5.3-second zero-to-60-mph sprint.

While some may assume a top-of-the-line Tesla Model S Performance or even a Tesla Model 3 Performance Pikes Peak Racer Sets Record In One Lap may give gas-powered performance cars a solid challenge, many may not expect the same of a base electric car. All we can say is, prepare to be surprised by what you learn from this video, as well as the results of the drag races.

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