Mercedes-Benz EQE and Mercedes-Benz EQS are one of several new all-electric EQ models under development, which might have a lot in common.

Just like in the case of the E-Class and S-Class, the EQE will be smaller, less luxurious, and less expensive than the top of the line EQS.

Here we can see both in a new spy video by walkoARTvideos, in which the EQS follows the EQE - both in camouflage.

We guess that the EV tech in both models will be similar, just that the EQE will get lower specs - less power, maybe lower charging speed and range. According to our very own Andrei Nedelea, the EQE might be actually a closer competitor to the Tesla Model S than the EQS as the EQS will probably be way more expensive (like the Porsche Taycan is).

Our list of Mercedes-Benz EQ prototypes, already seen in camouflage includes:

The two first models on the market are EQC and EQV.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQE Spy Video

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